Capital: Kigali

Official Languages: Kinyarwanda, English, French

Population: 11,262,564

Country Profile

FFDR works to achieve it's mission in numerous ways. Some of which include:

  • Financial, media, advocacy and diplomatic support of the Rwandan democratic process
  • Support grassroots democratic activities in Rwanda (mobilization, meetings, education and logistics)
  • Monitor closely trends in international media and react or inform the issues where necessary
  • Organize press conferences, demonstrations and fundraising events
  • Attend and inform relevant policy fora organized in the Washington DC area and elsewhere in the USA
  • Socially, politically, financially and legally support democratic leaders against oppression in Rwanda

What We’re Doing

FFDR wants to raise international community awareness about the form of governance in Rwanda, so that political pressure can be applied to the Rwandan government to ensure free and fair democratic elections.

  • The foundation promotes general interests of the Rwandan people.
  • The foundation makes no profit out of its activities.
  • ​The foundation started raising funds in the Netherlands but has now expanded worldwide.
  • ​Individuals or organizations committed to its cause may submit applications for financial aid  to the foundation.  An independent committee will examine their  applications.
  • ​​FFDR strives to be a public interest organization.  It is non-partisan and committed to the cause of peace, justice, democracy and development.